• Francis Harrison - CEO

    Francis Harrison - CEO


    • Francis grew up in Montreal with two extraordinary parents.
    • At the age of 12, Francis began to excel in skateboarding and snowboarding.
    • At 16, he was already participating in national skateboard competitions.
    • Francis also played college basketball.


    Francis was someone who was very good at school but he decided to enter the job market instead of continuing his studies. One day, tired of working in restaurants and bars, Francis started to think about what career he could pursue. Not knowing much, people around him all started telling him that he should pursue sales. So, he went to register for sales school. This confirmed that Francis was made for this field. After his studies, he finally applied to Strata Promotions and that is where everything changed in his life. He had a lot of success! Francis made a ton of money and even finished first in Canada on the Fast Wax program. Today, he is now the owner of his own company. This is only the beginning of a great adventure!


    Degrees: Sales and Representatives at Pierre Dupuy Professional School

    Goals: Have the biggest organization in Canada and the United States

  • Martini Perri - Assistant Manager

    Martini Perri - Assistant Manager


    • Martini was in the army for 5 years on the medic side.
    • He also received an army commendation medals 🏅
    • Also worked 12 years on the management side in the restaurants industry.



    • Integrity
    • Leadership
    • Team player


    Degrees: College, university medical side.

    Goals: change career for our business for the possibility of the fast growth side !! Sky is the limit!